Survivors Guide to Life/Podcast


A Podcast with an International Audience

In order to increase awareness of emotional trauma and its effects on both individuals and our society, I created a podcast for the purpose of exploring the causes and effects of emotional trauma as well as the challenges in coping and the means to develop resilience.


Create an ongoing, episodic, audio program on a very limited budget.

Initially, the episodes were produced at a local public access radio station. In time, the audio-only podcast evolved into a video program airing on YouTube.


Hope and Healing for Listeners Worldwide

After more than three years and more than 135 episodes, the podcast is heard around the world while accruing more 20K plays on Spotify. Our YouTube videos of the podcast have accrued more than 1000 subscribers and approaching 20K views.

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Brand Development
Creative Direction
Video Production
Research and Social Media

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